The best times to sell a house: How to find the perfect market moment

by Pam Watson 01/14/2024

While real estate never rests, it's important to know the best times to sell a house. Real estate agents and brokers are constantly watching market trends and metrics like median sales price throughout the year to time their sales perfectly. Seasonal factors can have a significant effect, as do other local and economic conditions.

So, how do you know the best time to sell? Here are some tips for timing a home sale:

How much difference can a well-timed sale make?

Timing your home sale can make a difference of up to 10% in total sale price. This means choosing the right time can help you get a higher asking price, while slower months might force you to choose lower offers.

The best time to sell a house in your market

The best seasons for selling can vary by location, but typically the spring and summer months are the best for house selling. It's most common to put your home on the real estate market during June or July.

Worst times to sell

There are multiple factors that can determine the "worst" time to sell. Often, the weather has a significant impact. Even in regions with mild winters, buyers are less likely to actively home search in colder seasons.

Another factor is competition and activity in your local market. While this can change every year, working with a real estate agent to track and predict market trends will help you sell even if conditions aren't perfect.

Selling during winter months

Winter, especially during the holiday season, is a very slow time to sell homes. Cold weather and holiday travel keep potential buyers busy. However, if somebody is considering buying a home in the upcoming spring, they may be browsing listings online from the warmth of their own home. This is one scenario when a "coming soon" listing can give you a competitive edge.

Timing home sales carefully can mean a quicker sale and a higher price, especially if you work with a real estate professional. While the world of real estate is constantly moving and changing, you can keep these guidelines in mind for finding the best time to sell. 

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