Here's why you should build a greenhouse

by Pam Watson 09/17/2023

If you want to get the most out of their gardening regardless of climate, one of the best ways is to build a greenhouse. Greenhouses come in many styles and can be built to fit your specific needs. Whether you own a few plants or maintain an entire garden, here are some of the biggest reasons to consider building a greenhouse at home:

Gardening all year

When you build a greenhouse, growing vegetables and other warm-weather plants becomes a viable option all year round. A sturdy greenhouse keeps plants sheltered from cold temperatures while still allowing them to get the necessary sunlight they require. You can grow fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs and salad greens in your own greenhouse all year long.

Controlled growing environment

Some plants have very specific environmental needs. If you like tropical plants, for example, it’s important to provide enough ambient humidity and warm temperatures for them to thrive. Installing grow lamps and heaters in a greenhouse means you can mimic warm, sunny desert conditions for cacti and succulents. A greenhouse makes it easy to create your own microclimate to support many kinds of plants with ease.

Save money

If you currently spend money every year on new plants and seeds for your garden, building a greenhouse could potentially save you a bundle. Overwintering plants is a simple process when you have a greenhouse and will let you keep your existing plants alive season after season. Also, if you grow veggies and other edible plants, you can save money on produce by growing it in your DIY greenhouse at home.

Protect your plants

A sturdy greenhouse protects your plants from the elements and other living things. Insects and similar tiny pests can spread easily and destroy entire gardens. Larger animals like deer or even neighborhood dogs also pose a threat to your plants’ wellbeing, and in a greenhouse they’re safely locked away. When you build a greenhouse, you also keep pets, children and wildlife safe from potentially toxic plants.

No matter what you grow in your garden, a DIY greenhouse can be a useful addition to your home life; just make sure you have all the materials needed for your particular style of gardening. Keep these factors in mind when creating your greenhouse plans.

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